CFAI Topic based practice tests vs Mock Exams

Hey Guys,

So I noticed that there are a bunch of item sets posted on the CFAI website. A total of 60 Item sets.

I also noticed that there is a mock exam right below it.

I wanted to know if any of the 60 item sets repeat in the mock exams or are the mock exam item sets completely different than the 60 item sets provided?

THank you


Just wanted to get info from someone who already saw these.

It looks like most of the topic test vignettes are from the prior years. I did the 2012 and 2013 mock exams and a lot of material was from those. I am assuming that they did not copy the topic tests for the mocks, probably just pull from prior years and change if needed.

I havent opened the 2015 mocks but figured I would give you something since no one has responded.