CFAI Topic Based Tests Down?

Is it just me or are the Topic-Based Tests on the CFA website down?

down - and I’m pissed

The same, 10 days to the exam… Blood pressure overshooting

Btw thanks for the shot Shoot,

Down as of today as well…wtf

I just got kicked out of the AM mock after over an hour, no answers being recovered…


Down! As I was sweating through Equity grrrr

Questionmark is clearly a joke of a company. Hopefully the CFAI does not use them again.

Yeah i get an error message when i try to get into the topic based tests. Kind of ridiculous for this shit to be happening 5 days before the test.

down, just when I wanted to practice problems in FRA… :confused: :frowning:

WHYYYYY is this happening in the last week!!

Everyone call Question Mark at 1-800-597-3950… let them know you’re not pleased and time is of the essence. They told me to check back in about an hour.

they said to bombard cfa. its the cfa server not the question mark hosting one apparently

Theyre back up.

I copied some assessments to print out cuz I find it easier to work (Equity, Derivatives, CF, …)

I am not sure if uploading those to Dropbox for you guys to download will violate any rule by CFAI :expressionless: ??? I was thinking to do it so that people can work with problems while waiting for the site be back to check answers … T___T

yes pls!

While trying back in evening, i saw they even removed my scores. Now i dont even remember where i did not perform well in assessments. I hate this last week hassle. It’s better they send us PDF copies or have an option to download. Nobody cares to click the button.

Down again? Seriously wtf guys…

omg… it’s down AGAIN. 4 days before the actual, Really? right when candidates need it the most!?