It makes me chuckle when I hear about that particular TT Eriksson. I will say this though, I took Level II three times (first time was a trial run since I had passed Level I in December but no excuses) and I ran the Topic Tests back after the first run and it helped a lot. My advice would be to hammer in the practice;in other words, although it is biased it still is worth IF you have the time. Repetition=Confidence=Execution

This was my schedule last year:

CFA Level II Exam 2016

11/29/2015 Prep - Build Game Plan

December & January - Review - Concept Checkers & QBank

February - EOCs

March - Topic Tests

April & May - Mocks

June - Pass Exam

12/1/15 Ethics

12/11/15 Quantitative Methods

12/22/15 Economics

12/30/15 Financial Reporting Analysis

1/9/16 Corporate Finance

1/17/16 Equity

1/24/16 Alternative Investments

1/27/16 Fixed Income

1/29/16 Derivatives

2/1/16 Quantitative Methods EOC

2/4/16 Economics EOC

2/6/16 Financial Reporting Analysis EOC

2/11/16 Corporate Finance EOC

2/12/16 Ethics EOC

2/13/16 Corporate Finance EOC

2/15/16 Equity EOC

2/24/16 Fixed Income EOC

2/25/16 Alternative Investments EOC

2/27/16 Derivatives EOC

3/2/16 Portfolio Management EOC

3/3/16 Topic Tests

3/12/16 Ethics


3/18/16 QBank

3/25/16 Financial Reporting Analysis EOC

3/27/16 Kaplan Practice Exams

4/5/16 Topic Tests

4/8/16 Kaplan Practice Exams

4/15/16 Topic Tests

4/16/16 Kaplan Practice Exams

4/17/16 Kaplan Practice Exams & Topic Tests

4/18/16 Kaplan Practice Exams

4/21/16 2015 Mock Exam

4/22/16 Curriculum Review

4/23/16 Topic Tests

4/25/16 2016 Mock Exam AM

4/26/16 2016 Mock Exam PM

4/27/16 Topic Tests

4/28/16 Kaplan Practice Exams

4/29/16 Financial Reporting Analysis

5/2/16 Kaplan Practice Exams & Topic Tests

5/3/16 Topic Tests

5/4/16 Kaplan Practice Exams

5/5/16 Topic Tests

5/8/16 Kaplan Practice Exams & Topic Tests

5/9/16 Kaplan Practice Exams

5/12/16 Derivatives EOC

5/13/16 2010 Mock Exam AM/PM

5/14/16 Fixed Income EOC & Corporate Finance EOC

5/15/16 Financial Reporting EOC

5/16/16 Kaplan Practice Exams & Topic Tests

5/17/16 Topic Tests

5/20/16 Equity EOC & Kaplan Practice Exams

5/21/16 Topic Tests

5/23/16 BPP Mock Exam & Ethics EOC

5/24/16 Kaplan Practice Exams

5/26/16 Topic Tests

5/28/16 EOC & Topic Tests

6/2/16 Review

6/4/16 CFA Level II Exam

Were you studying full time?

Nope. I was overseeing a trading desk at the same time. I was devastated failing on band 9 on second attempt which make me pissed off every morning. I was determined to destroy the beast. Put in 600 hours on top of work and passed with above 70% in all but two sections (econ & quant…argh). Crushed the exam :slight_smile: Started in November this time with the understanding that work was going to be busy early on. Going to put 600 hours again this year and working for that one and done.

Nice! working and studying is the toughest imho.

Thank you! Trust me, it comes down to practicing EOC, TT and Mocks. I took one day off last year in January, otherwise, it was three hours at least daily. Know the material cold. Using the same mentality this year.

Only until you have a kid. And you are the mother.