The first topic test (CFAI) under Financial Reporting and Analysis made me feel like a first grader doing rocket science. I have never felt so discouraged in my life. I took a real beating. Anybody out there felt same way after taking it?

Yes i just did it. I swear I took almost half an hour to go through 6 questions on that one. Score was pathetic.

Eriksson is the hardest one. I had 0/6 when I first did it.

As someone who hasn’t taken a topic test yet - and who is feeling very intimidated from people talking about how hard they are - I am certainly not looking forward to taking them. I was also wondering how long each topic test is? The weren’t available when I took lvl 1 a few years ago. Is the “Eriksson” test really only 6 questions?

All the topic tests are 6 questions. They replicate the item set style of questioning.

It is, and the text of the topic tests does not seem too long, they are just extremely tricky somehow.

But not for each topic, so it may depend on your individual strong/weak areas.

For me FRA was devastating, Equity and PM was not too bad, Corp. Fin. was easy.

I have not done them for the other half of the material yet.

Thanks for the info, guys. Sounds more like a “topic quiz” than a “topic test” to me, though. :grin:

I Had the exact same feeling after Fx Income and it didn’t get better after Deriv but it’s our last sprint before summer ! Don’t be discouraged

I remember my first L1 Topic Test and my first Mock Exam after 2 weeks of Qbank, it was like i never studied the last 4 months, but practice after practice everything started slowly to stick to our mind and then we passed ! It won’t be much different this time.

CFA program isn’t only Knowledge, it’s also a mindset so keep faith in your chance of succeeding

CFA program isn’t only Knowledge, it’s also a mindset so keep faith in your chance of succeeding -

I like this last bit. Very inspiring. Thanks.

Does Topic Test have PDF version?

I am a CPA and I got 2/6 right in this test :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol! Eriksson is still there. Don’t worry, this one is an outlier. Hehehe…

Some outlier this one was. jeez my depression almost creeped back.

Be focused more on average success about at least 70 % in each topic, not on particular extremely difficult vignettes.

Hahaha Eriksson… I got 1/6 in that one.

Humbling to say the least.

Now i want to write it! I miss the excitement!!



Bingo!! I got 67% in my first round of topics tests… hoping for >70% second time around

That’s good if done without any help regarding the formulas and in 18minutes/topic.

Don’t think a second round makes sense… results will for sure be biased.

My second time sitting level 2 and I got 1/6 for Ericksson. My colleague did it right after me (also second attempt at level 2) and got 0/6. We finished studying and went straight home after that, completely defeated