CFAI Topic Tests vs Mock Exam

Anyone else find the Mock exams provided by the CFAI harder than the topic vignettes on the online portal? Not sure if it’s me, but I feel like the mocks are testing some obscure stuff and the writing is more difficult to follow.

Best of luck on everyone’s preparation.

mock exams are much easier

Maybe it’s just me then. I thought all the practice vignettes were easier.

It`s just me or the CFAI Qbank is much more hard than the EOC questions?

EOCs are too easy.

I scored around 70% on the topic tests.They were an okay mix. I wish they provided more practice questions on FI and Equity.

I saved the mocks for sometime in the next two weeks as a last hurdle before the exam.

EOC and mocks have nothing to do with the real one…

especially the essay mocks provided by CFA (which are not old exams) are much easier