CFAI - Topic Tests

I took one topic test on the CFA website yesterday and a couple of topic tests today on Corporate Finance. It threw almost the same set of questions everytime (with the exception of maybe a couple of questions). I am studying from the CFAI issued material. While I believe that the material is really well assembled, I am really concerned that the institute issued material does not offer enough practice (in terms of the number of practice questions)

Is it that the CFAI will update the candidate resources with more tests with time?

Am I missing anything here?

From what I recall for last years june if you redid the topic tests you would see like 30-50% similar questions. It’s not a schweser Qbank, but I can assure you that EOC’s + Topic Tests + CFAI Mocks are plenty enough practice. The key is you have to work on what you get wrong, not just keep running through questions. If you struggle in an area go back and do the blue boxes & EOC’s again.

Schweser Qbank & all other question bank products are not as high quality of prep as topic tests, they just give you more questions. The topic tests are worded exactly as you will see on the exam.

Thanks for the insight Yayyywork!

If you need more practice do a quizzes from third party providers. Schweser (Qbank, Review workshop), AnalystNotes, Wiley and so on. Actually CFA Institute offer a little practice questions, but you should aware that those questions give you understanding what to expect on exam.

Anyway practice from different third parties is crucial. It`s eliminate any drawbacks from single provider (different providers have different points of view in which degree cover one or another topics).

BTW some of providers (like an Analystnotes) offer your service for very cheap price. And some candidates uses it as second supplementary for CFAI curriculum.