CFAI vs. Schweser

I consistently score above 85 on Schweser Qs but cannot break the 60 resistance on CFAI sample exams. Anyone else with the same dilemma? I find CFAI questions difficult to read/vague. Is it reflective of the real exam? Anyone with past expirience? Thanks!

You should do better on CFAI Mocks. I have issues with the Samples too.

I think the samples are tougher cause their online.

The CFA sample exam was demoralizing for me too…but don’t brush it off. They pulled every little chicanery in those sample vignettes. I recommend giving it a one or two look overs before exam day. It will force you to work through the problem too (i.e. switching from S/L to MARC’s would not always reduce NI in the early years)