CFAII Material

I heard that the CFA institute will send you the curriculum once you register for the level II exam, is this true? If so, how long does it take for the material to arrive? Thanks.

That’s true starting this year, which is why the prices to register are jacked up. Not sure when the materials come in, but I don’t care because they suck.

My package took 5 days (includ wkends) to arrive in sgp from us. Use the UPS tracker to monitor.

Can you tell me how many CFAI books we’re talking about for CFA level 2? Is it like level 1, i.e., 6 books averaging 500+ pages…would just like to get an idea of how much people have to read to be well prepared for June 2008…(already concluded for myself that I’ll write in 2009 instead, to have sufficient time to prepare and properly understand the material).

6 books, yes))) I haven’t been counting the pages though, but - I guess - it looks pretty much similar in volume.