CFA's "mock exam" counterpart?

Is there something like CFA’s “mock exam” in FRM exam?
I mean, in order to practice the exam, the GARP offer some exam-like study material??!/frm/study-materials
see the section FRM practice exams. You will need to log in to be able to download the practice exams.

FRM - GARP is at a different level. But they have done a thing wrong. Very wrong in my opinion. Please do not study from the GARP books as published.

In my limited knowledge ( and I could be wrong) GARP has outsourced their books to Wiley. The preeent GARP books are probabaky written by Christian Cooper and I am sorry to say the material is sub par. This is the worst study material you can rely upon for your FRM exam.

I may have been super critical but frankly I do not know how else to put forth a valid point

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do you think that the official sample exams provided are also not a good indication of the level of difficulty one could expect for the actual exam?

I would say the official sample mocks are about 70-75% close to the actual paper. And Part I is still a fair game. They take Part II at some notches northward.

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