CFAvsMBA Banned

I guess he finally went too far.

rip he was a great person fighting the troll fight and lost

OMG… and there he is, laid to rest next to hippo and Kuromusha… for eternity… on the banned list. Thats precious. Have fun getting monkey branched in hell, CvM…

Holy shit. Rest in peace.

How do you know he’s banned - he emailed you?

Some things are inevitable, like taxes and getting banned on AF. CvM, qqqbee, we will never forget…

he is on the banned list on the feedback forum

Woah, thats unfortunate. Godspeed CvM.

Wow. One of those banned posters is not like the other ones.

Any mods here care to tell us why our brother from another mother had to bite the dust? Not questioning their decision, but I didn’t see a lot of stuff from him that I thought really warranted a ban. (Just my opinion, which probably doesn’t matter much.)

i doubt they will tell you

he was given a pretty stern warning here. Probably posted some more garbage

We had a long internal discussion about CvM. His ban was the conclusion.

Greenman, many of his posts over the past week (most have been deleted already) clearly violated AF rules similar to the others who have been banned.

man this is some fascist sh** right here

I’m going to risk being really uncool but the bullying of indian posters in general is out of hand. I’m new on here so I can probably see it better. YES, some of these guys obviously are made up persona trolls. However, as I study on the L1 forum I see a lot of participants who are for sure not fake and are honestly just trying to study. I have seen how they attempt to converse in english and it can be super funny, like they are doing on purpose. I can see how just a regular guy could come on here and get bullied for no reason. It really isn’t funny in that case.

CvM’s latest stunt of blatantly impersonating an indian as a joke is too far. It is one thing to test the thickness of each other’s skin on here… but imagine how al regular indian guy who is on here for legitimate purposes would feel when they wander over to water cooler… I mean, racist indian hate forum.

ok, I’m done… just wanted to say my piece. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t make it ok. I feel bad for the times I played along.

I’m sorry to see him go. crying

He got real fed up the Indian trolls and then proceeded to see how far he could push the envelope with his own posts.

In other words, it’s because he is black.

He was a cool cat though,I miss the dude already.He`s probably watching us from above.

lol +1


great, so now he’s a martyr