This your kid brah?

I LOLed. I think that was the kid’s first exposure to a nice set of jugs … all recorded on video he completely forgot about those M&Ms

That girl is bangin’ hot.

He’s a chip off the old block. His mum should keep a sharp lookout on Dad!

why is that girl selling snacks? she should be out doing more/better things with that kind of class…

She is a cheerleader for whatever team that is, not full time snack vendor.


I was trying to sign up for some newsletter on my alumni website, and everytime I tried to select “Mr.” as my salutation, it defaults to “Brigadier General.” I think this is the site’s way of telling me something I don’t know about my storied past. Think the cheerleader would be impressed by this?

Is this link NSFW?

Also can we make it a sitewide policy to mark links as such?


It’s safe for work; it’s a young kid oogoling a cheerleader.

Why would you post something NSFW on here???

Well, there’s nothing obscene in the link, although there are many that would consider it bad taste to show in mixed company, and a extra vigilant HR might consider it the sort of thing that contributes to a hostile work environment.

As for NSFW being a policy. I think we can ask people to label things as a courtesy (I like to add why, nudity, languages violence, whatnot), but since work environment and standards differ, there are things that would be ok in some environments that aren’t in others.

Quit your whining baby. Is your name CFAvsMBA? No. So no one told you to click on this thread. Then, no one told you to click on the link. Those were both your choices. So next time if you have any doubt, don’t click.

He is a moderator, so he has a responsibility to see everything posted.

Maybe I misread it, but I didn’t get the impression bchad took offense to the link.

NRFPILFITA (not recommended for prudish in law family if they’re around) might be more appropriate tag for this. My sister in law can be a bit uptight about this kind of stuff (nice woman but gets up in arms about anything that degrades women even if it’s really no big deal).

Blake, are you off your meds?

Someone asked if it was NSFW, so I described it in a way that addresses that concern. Then they asked if we could have a policy about NSFW stuff and I said it would be courteous for people to label NSFW stuff as such. Obviously that wouldn’t apply to you, because courtesy is not your bag, and everybody knows that.

I was not whining, or are you so insecure that you thought that this was directed at you?

Man, you’re fucked




the link is solid…we need more stuff like this…