CFD trading discussion

Who trades CFDs on the side here ? What are your experiences with them ? Which platform do you use ? I’m trying (free simulation account thing) PurDeal from IG Markets. I hear they are the best at what s important, i.e. costs, speed and execution. CMC Markets seems to have a very neat platform, but once you take the make-up away, it’s seems like a lesser product than IG Markets.

wtf, could it be that you can’t decide your leverage with these things ? I am seeing no option to change my gearing, so that the standard exposure is of 1:10… Could live with max 1:2. If the gearing is set in a standard way I guess I’ll have to pass…

Hi Viceroy. I have neer used IG’s platform, but I would be amazed if they do not allow you to quite easily change your leverage. Send them an email if you can’t figure out how. I had a thread on financial spread betting and CFDs the other day actually. Was looking to see if anyone in the US was into it. I think it is still pretty much illegal there, so I guess it’s not much of a surprise that I didn’t get any positive responses.

I just watched some tutorial from them, and I think you really can’t adjust the leverage. Worst, they present it as “the lower the margin, the lower your exposure of your total capital, so the lower your risk” kind of thing. With stop losses order you can get a leverage of 1:100 on some contracts !! I am actually a bit scandalised at their way of presenting it, because I am sure there are some idiots out there to whom it makes sense.