CFP Preparation 2016

Hello All,

It has been a while.

On July 30th, I will take the CFP exam using the challenge status. Can anyone share his or her preparation time, study materials used, thoughts about the capstone class (FP 107) and tips to passing the CFP exam? How was the actual exam?

I have 11 weeks to prepare and plan to spend 20 hours per week.

Thank you for your input.

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are you just accumulating all the charters in financial world?

I would get a study guide via a third party provider and use that to do your prep.

The capstone - I can’t recall if you need to do this in the classroom or if they have a case study option now (and it may be different for you in the US vs. the requirements here in Canada).

just curious, why are you challenging the CFP exam?

Best tool for a CFP aspirant - a hacksaw.

That’s what I’d use if I were studying for the CFP exam.

I have my CFP - took the exam back in 2012. I spent around 250-300 hours studying for it. 20 hours a week for a few months should do the trick. I would recommend Dalton as a third party provider. I used them and had a great experience. They are pretty thorough. I know others who used Kaplan and had a good experience as well.

On the difficulty side its about the equivelant to CFA Level I. I wouldn’t stress too much about it seeing how you have earned several designations.

^what doors has CFP opened for you?

I took Ken Zahn’s ( study course and only used his materials. I thought he did a good job and with your study schedule I think you’d have enough time to cover the material. You can check his site for where he is offering his Live Review.

I cant remember who I did the capstone requirement through but it was all online and then you had to prepare a PowerPoint case presentation (with voice over) as your delivery requirement. Seemed easy and just a way for me to pay additional money for no real payoff.

I would recommend Zahn for sure but there may be better Capstone providers.

If I were doing the CFP program (after I hacked my sack, of course), I would use Kaplan’s Capstone course then use Kaplan for the exam prep. But that’s mainly because I’m familiar with them. Used them for the whole CFA, part of CPA, and my Series 7/63.

I’ve heard they have the most awesome instructors. One of them is even a real-life magician!

id love to see one of these capstone project

edit: found em

hire or no hire?

Cute videos. Really demonstrates competency. Not bullshit busy work at all. Very robust evaluation method.

found Greenman, short sleeve shirt and all


Thankfully I did not have to film myself. Ours was just the powerpoint presentation with us speaking over the slides.

Thank you for the information. I am going with Kaplan for the capstone class and preparation materials. After 12 years in the institutional management side, I decided to start my own asset management company. The CFP will be more recognizable by HNW clients than my other designations. Take care!

this guy i go to the gym with has his own asset mgmt company. He worked at MS for 7 years before going out on his own. According to the latest ADV from finra, he manages $30 million. He said he charges 1% flat. He works at home…around 6 hours a week. He meets his clients at their office or home. Sounds almost too good to be true…but it is true lol.

CFAFRM…good luck!!! I am sure you will do very well.

Thank you. It is an exciting time for me. I already have some clients lined up, which is important.

Ha! Have fun with your hacksaw job.

Hope you don’t mind if we all point and laugh at you.

^ Greenman, aren’t you managing money now?