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Wow so Nathan charges $1000 for just videos, no notes, slide packages, or hard copies? And you must pay another $450 for the essay videos. That’s pretty steep, but some of you swear by him it seems

Why do you want to pay someone to read slides to you? That’s going to be beneficial? Can you not read slides yourself and need someone to do it for you? Nathan’s not going to do that, he’s going to give lectures that draw upon real world experience in ways that make sure you understand and master the concepts; slides won’t do that. It’s on YOU to make notes, not him. he’ll make it abundantly clear though what you ought to be making notes of. Trust me. I had around 700 flash cards for level 3 that I knew back and forth by the time the exam rolled around. Why don’t you ask him what percentage of his candidates pass the exam each year. Bet you’ll be mindblown.

His course costs $1,000.00 and it’s well worth it. There’s things he talks about in his lectures that truly break down the most esoteric of concepts to the point a third grader could understand it - that’s what you should want out of a course like this. And they’re not essay “videos”, they’re better referred to as “workshops” since you’re going to receive real feedback on your essays from him. He’s spent much time as a grader, so who else is going to be better for you to learn from. The CFA institute is looking for very specific ways for you to answer their essay questions, he’ll make sure you learn them.

But dude, take a step back here for a second. You’re probably in this industry for the same reason as the rest of us - to manage billions and billions of dollars. . . and you can’t justify a thousand bucks? Well then, maybe CFA ain’t for you after all. I’m 27 years old, paid for the videos, and hey, I’m also a Charterholder. So pipe down on whatever excuses you have left. I was a friggen delivery driver and coughed up enough money to pay for the videos back when I was doing level 1.

Writing your own notes is the way to go anyway. Forcing yourself to summarize a lot of information into few bullet points does wonders for your learning.

I find it genuinely staggering that so many people seem to avoid taking their own notes while studying. Perhaps I’m old fashioned in this regard, but personally this has been a key component of the learning process for me throughout all of my education journey, not just the CFA program.

For every service provider out there, there are those who pass and fail. Those who pay 1000’s of dollars and pass will think its worth it and those who fail will think otherwise. Then there are those who pass using less resources. I have a friend who passed all three levels by self studying Kaplan textbooks (didn’t even buy classes).

There is no shame in wanting to spend less money to achieve your goals espcially if your firm doesn’t pay for your courses. How many people doing the exams actually go on to work in asset management (or even in the finance industry) or are making big bucks because of the CFA?

I used MM for L2 and will be using him for L3 this coming June.

Lol, one of those folks. Back off that high horse just a bit. I don’t need excuses. After taking several years off after passing L2 to focus on the job, I don’t “need” a CFA for the same reasons as maybe you do. My money situation is not changing with a CFA. Actually, only one person in my group has one, but all are millionaires because they are sharp as hell. At this point, they laugh at the very notion of a CFA, as they know that assets flow to successful track records, and they are right. Me, I’m just in it for the fact I passed two already, and it may be a waste to stop now even though my needs have changed over time. Me trying to make heads and tails of the plethora of providers and their offerings, and what they charge is logical risk reward–you’ll do a lot of this as your career progresses. I realize you have a Nathan “affinity” and anyone who asks questions and doesn’t immediately buy in is stupid, but hey oh well. And hopefully you don’t need to manage “billions and billions” to make a boat load of money. If so, you are working the business model incorrectly. Congrats on being 27 and having your charter and saving up your “friggen” delivery driver money to do so. And still having the free time to monitor these forums. Kudos

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  1. Complains about the lack of materials provided in a $1,000.00 course, and that the course is “pretty steep”.

  2. Tries to say he’s already established and doesn’t need the CFA designation for the money because he’s already at the top of his peer group of millionaires.

Sorry pal, but you’ll have to choose only one of the above, you can’t have both.

Type I or Type II error ?

“he’s already at the top of his peer group of millionaires.”

Point out where I said this. I actually said everyone I work with is a millionaire. Lol Not a detail guy are you? And no I’m not getting a sudden burst of money for passing, sorry that confuses you. Yes I always want to get my moneys worth. At 27 you’re still somewhat a life virgin that may change over time. Right now you apparently still have time to be a social media gangster (lol), CFA analyst forum “power poster” and part time defender of Nathan’s honor. Hey That’s a heavy load. As a fully working professional, with a CFA already, I probably wouldn’t have this forum on my daily to do list. So hey, I’ll help you out with your load. You can now go “help” out some others. Feel free to aim more hot takes against me, it may be help you recruit members to your forum posse and increase your Q rating on these boards. But beware Iceman, any more than one super gangster/witty comeback from you, may make you seem desperate/insecure. But you’ve earned one. Since I’m a nice guy and want to help you direct some of that time/ energy, I would recommend catching up on The Boys on Amazon (you’ll thank me) and the Mandalorian on Disney+ looks good.