Champions League final and the CFA exams.

The CFA exam will hold on the 6th of June, globally, fortunately and unfortunately, that’s the same day the Champions league final between FC Barcelona of Spain and Juventus of Italy will take place.

For candidates writing the exam in the United States, this obviously means we will miss this exciting fixture, which is quite disheartening! I support FC Barcelona, and already I am rueing my inability to watch the match.

If wishes were horses, I would postpone either of these two important events by a day…! CFA could you please move the exam forward by a day? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Yes I’m well aware. I’m debating whether or not to pvr it or just watch the highlights.

P.S. Go Old Lady!

If you’re taking the exam that day, wear a Xavi shirt. You’ll pass.

I’ll be rooting for Manchester United.

For a match of this magnitude, I would suggest PVR.

Viva Barcelona… smiley

LOL… Maybe you wanted to say wear a PAUL pogba shirt, since the CFA president go by the name PAUL too.

No you don’t get it. Xavi…pass…see?

LOL. Yeah Yeah…Got it now… Xavi the PASS master.

Laughing. I believe you are being futuristic here. Even at that, Manchester United aren’t even guaranteed of a spot for next season in the competition as their fate depends on winning a play off, how much more dream of playing in the final.

Summary: Man United is being “OVERVALUED” by the statement.

Conclusion: SELL.

LOL… smiley

Terrible planning from the guys at UEFA.

Adekunle baba,

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