Champions League Fooooootballllll!!!

To all the knights of beautiful football, esp Barcelona and all those who believe Inter are unworthy of playing the CL Final because of their brand of football…

I think you mean soccer, you’re talking about soccer.

Too bad for Barcelona, I believe they play the best football in Europe, but this time, was nto enough.

Barca deserve to be kicked out…I was a big fan of them, and mind you I am an AC Milan fan. But they played with a bad sportsmanship conduct. Sergio needs his ass to be fined, Valdes needs to be banned (had no business fighting with Mo in the end). UEFA seriously needs to up their refereering skills. Becoming utterly atrocious.

Jose has just proved (once again) that he is indeed the “special one” ! hope he comes to United when/if Sir Alex decides to retire. on a side note, how ODD does it feel that Fulham are inda UEFA cup final? !

brianr Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I think you mean soccer, you’re talking about > soccer. No, we mean football. @reddevil - yeah I was also hoping that he’ll come back to England. Any news on will Portsmouth get a place in UEFA cup next year?

Why would Jose go to Manu? Everyone knows he’s got a special thing going on with Chelsea fans…in fact, I think he could very well end his career with them. For the moment, Real looks like a more likely destination after this season.

Jose wud never go back to chelsea. not at least until Roman is in charge there… he would be foolish to take Real…everyone knows what happens to managers who go there. better he wait it out for a couple of years at the most and take THE job…Old Trafford !

Portsmouth are unlikely to get in Europe next year…either ways, they are gonna be left with a squad that’s gonna struggle even inda Championship. must be sad for the fans

Umm…Portsmouth after relegation and points deduction still > India. Trust me on this one. But yea, I feel bad for them. sucks to see your team shot down into the dirt like that.

King Loius vs The Special One !

Go Steelers!!! I can’t wait for football this fall either, just four months to go…

Sad to see Inter winning it with that game plan. But heck, it worked for them. They played extremely conservative but materialized 2 great ocassions by Milito. It did not help that Bayern is not that great of a team. Besides Robben, do they have anybody that can create real opportunities? Obviously they are a good team, just not to the level you would expect for a final. The Special One is going to Madrid, is he going to put Cristiano in defence! Lol… Freaking boring. Alright, now is the World Cup…

First up,. they seriously need to up the quality of the refs. I was so pissed off with some of the decisions they have had in this competition, its amazing they have actually gotten away with some of them. Not saying that refs made an impact in the finals (except the hand-ball by maicon, which they missed and could have changed the game), but a lot of calls in many games could have changed the teams that entered the finals. Good luck to Mo. He’s a special one, but I hope he knows what he’s getting into by going to Real. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the axe for just winning 2 titles next season.

Damn I hate this Special One. F**ing translator turned football god ! His teams play the ugliest football ever and are just killing it for the rest of us. Plus, this POS sold Barca that buffoon (Ibrahimovitch), the most over-rated forward of all times. I am dreaming of a 3-0 whooping at the hands of Barca in next year’s classico.