Chance of Mock or Sample Question in TEST

What do you think is the chance of a mock or sample exam question from the CFA insitute appearing on the real test? Except for the free one, if any or similar questions appear in the test, please post it here. I believe it qualifies as a violiation of the Code of Good Practices - Fair Dealings -> only the people who paid for these extra materials obtained the benefit - discriminating against those who didn’t…

Does not Violate b/c you are free to purchase it…its not restricted. :slight_smile:

Fair dealing is for client trades :slight_smile: not worthless candidates … As for your question, I am expecting 3-5 questions from the samples and mock. Or at least very similar.

Go back to your ethics again. You can offer different service at different prices. As long as client is allowed to choose. mo34 has another fair point, fair dealing is for client… not for worthless candidates. and by all means, if you can prove this is violating code of ethics. I believe CFAI will change the standards next year. and as for your questions, I actually think there will be 3~4 comes from mock, 1~2 comes from sample. the rest comes from what’s not in the Schweser notes!