Chances for finding an analyst position for a graduating senior? Financial Analyst Specialist worth it?

So this is my situation: Graduating from my state school university as an international business major this December (took me 4.5 years) I have 3 years of internship experience with Siemens within Project & Export Finance (I have been working part time during regular semesters and full time during the off semesters) GPA= 2.9-3.0 I am seeking a financial analyst position from a great and reputable company (ex. JPM, Amex, Bank of America,Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, etc.) What are my chances? & will getting my Financial Analyst Specialist (FAS) certification help? It takes about 2 months to get and I am planning on completing it in October 2014. It’s all online and will be about $800.

Never heard of FAS. Probably best to get a sheriff badge from a box of Wheaties.

Before attempting any certification or even picking a major in school, go to a major job board, or whatever, search and see how many jobs come up.

I got curious and searched indeed. New York, since I figured I’d get the largest number of results there.

“FASC” 0 results.

“CFA” 1,010 results

“CAIA” 35 results

“FRM” 168 results

I believe you’ve already asked this question (and had it answered) on Wall Street Oasis. If these firms recruit at your school, try to land a job with them through on-campus recruiting. If that doesn’t pan out, you’re likely out of luck.