Chances of passing!!

I have covered all schweser material for FSA Corp Finance Ethics Fixed Income Equity Alts Quant I have gone thorugh all the questions at the back of schweser and reviewd questions in these 3 areas for book 6. I am looking at Econ concerntrating on macro this weekend then reading over derivs and portfolio management as I cant go through these in detail considering timescale. Also they are 5% Is going through the schweser material enough? Please advise if this is a sensible strategy in terms of skimming over Port Man and Derivs and Micor Econ

Without knowing any of your scores (or education), skipping/skimming entire sections does not bode well for your chances. Schweser can be enough though. Keep you head down until test day.

If you do intend to leave a section make sure its not Alt investment, weights might be small, but its a 10-12 page section in schweser, relatively easy and you can expect atleast 4-6 question on that section.

Thanks Guys. I did Econ at A level so can absorb concepts pretty easily. I work in Fixed Income and have a good grasp of derivatives. Too much work in schweser for 5% considering my time. I am really focusing on Asset vlauation FSA Ethics and corp finance, thanks to those who provided the link to the spreadsheet of people that passed overall and failed on econ deriv and portfolio man!! I am taking my chances.

Did you get 70%+ in Schweser tests? If so, I think you can pass easily