Change email provider

Hi guys, 2 weeks to go! Last year I waited 9 hours for the results of level II. Is there any evidence that GMAIL gives more problems when receiving results’ emails?

I really really doubt it is gmail who delays the mails…I receive mails within seconds from all over the world. More like, they institute prepares some kind of batches, so that they don’t overload their systems, and it takes a few hours to send all batches.

With Level III, since only Level III is being released on that day, you won’t see much of a delay. I wouldn’t worry about it.

i seem to remember last year someone saying it was gmail specific, but yes I agree with Jeff, not as likely to have issues on level 3

My LIII results came in at 8:40am ET through yahoo, and yahoo is the worst at everything.

I think the low volume of results the CFAI is emailing should be fine under any email provider.

oh, great…so bad news can come at any time…it’s too bad you can’t drink at 9 am…and I’m not much of a drinker…

if my memory serves me correctly, the issue last year was from CFAI’s website and not specific to any e-mail provider. I wish I was in the States for the results, then I can just wake up and see them instead of being 7 hours ahead where I am just refreshing my inbox every second throughout the day…

As we say in old Europe, it’s always 7 pm somewhere in the world!