Change of exam center

I have to change my exam center as I will be in US at the time of the exam. I was discussing the process with one of my firends and she said probably there is a fees of 100$ to change the center. Anyways, I have to change it , so I went to the CFA site and in my profile it showed option to change center. I choose NY as I will be in south New Jersey and thinking NY center wil be closest to it. After choosing the new center it just said your center is changed sucessfully withut asking for any fees. I haven’t recieved any email as confirmation though.

I just want to know if this is only thing to be done to change the center and how do I confirm if the center is changed? Is there any possiblity that I will not get a center in US? I want to be sure that I do not face any problem later on.

^Call CFAI. Their phone number is on their website.