Change of Identification Form


The CFA Institute for some reason had my passport expiry date displayed incorrectly on my admission ticket. I sent them the change of identification form around 4-5 days ago and haven’t heard back from them. For anyone who has sent a form before, are you supposed to have received a notification that your form has been received or do you get sent an email when your identification has been changed?


Wow, I had the EXACT same problem with the wrong expiry date. I had sent in my change ID form AND copy of passport. You need to send both. You should have immediately received a auto-reply sayng your stuff has been received.

When the change is made, you should get another email saying it has been changed, and a link to your admin ticket.

thanks mate. they just wrote back to me then and said that it should be updated in 24 hours. phew. i was getting all paranoid and thinking what will I do if they don’t update it…could I go to paint and change the date myself hahaha