change of strategy!

Done a mock today and was close to losing it a few times and ruining the rest of my study. Went back to CFAI questions and flash cards etc and got the feel good factor (however small) back and I think from tomorrow im

going to spend my energy on the parts I know and get the confidence up otherwise when I turn up next week I’ll be defeated before I even sit down!!

final week, good luck all!

Agree with you. Doing mocks is just killing me. I’m finishing up soon and just focusing on flash cards and formula retention. Then next week just going to review mocks that I completed.

In my opinion the mocks are there to set a high bar of difficulty and teach you about what you don’t know so you can go back and re-study that material, but once you’ve done a few of them I would go back and review everything and re-do the EOC’s/blue boxes. Others will have a different opinion and say do mocks until you’re blue in the face but personally I have done 6 mocks now and that is more than enough to know what areas your’e weak in. The blue boxes and EOC’s are good practice. I remember on last years exam seeing questions that were nearly the same as some BB’s and EOC’s so they are good review and you still have a full week. You’ll be good to go come Saturday

^ thanks BobbyBraveheart. I’d much rather do EOCS/BBs/formulas than mocks. Mocks just make me anxious + I already know I don’t remember enough of everything. It’s hard to study for an exam to try to get a “passing score” that in college you’d consider a failing one. Based on the variability of scores that people have posted, it seems that passing depends on whether you’re asked more of what you know than not.

I’m just trying to keep my head in the game.

For Level 1 I only took 2 “real” mocks (official CFA, one Schweser) in that I sat down and simulated a test. For the rest of the mocks I had leftover I just treated them like they were more EOC questions. So if I wanted to work on Corp Finance I would open up a mock and do those questions specficially, then revise them. Repeat for other topics.

Of course the trick with that is trying to avoid the spoiler answers to other sections when reviewing the solutions. “Shoot I think I saw a C for #19…”

I started flash card for formulas yesterday. For me, at this point in the game, I think there is a greater marginal benefit in that course of studying. So many questions from mocks that I coud have answered correctly if I had just known the formula…

When I do the mocks I do them one section at a time timed. Then I review, learn from it and if some thing way off. I go back and re read. Also, an extra day on fra

Am with you ltj i find timed mock to be wasting my time scrolling up read the veginet then scrolling down to answer the question waste time have printed mocks from 2010 to 2015 and have treated them as EOC they real give confidence because schweser and CFAI EOC are straight advice dont do timed mock practice them as EOC

Download an app called Quizlet. There are free flash cards from other CFA takers. Most of them are current and will have all the key formulas for each chapter. It’s a pretty good way to review a lot of concise material fairly quickly.

How’s everyone finding their timing? CFA 2015 AM i was like 15 minutes over 3 hours (55%)… and still felt rushed. From my experience last year , the real exam was more concise and took less time, however; I still finished with very little time to spare.

Not sure if i should write the PM , or debrief AM. Would be interesting to know what everyone’s strategy is on this… One part of me wants to wait for a day before reviewing to enhance the recollection, the other thinks reviewing the whole AM/PM tomorrow ( in one day ) is just exhausting and i won’t retain as much…