change passport number

Anyone successfully change their passport number at cfa institute? My passport was recently lost (stolen) and I was given a different number when it was re-issued. Only reason I ask is because I remember they said you could never change it.

Why do you need to register your passport number with the institute?

Are you sure your new passport is real?

I guess you need to register a passport number so that they can check it against the passport you bring. That’s odd, but I can see why they might ask. I believe passport numbers change (at least in the US) every time a passport is issued. One possibility is to bring your new passport and a photocopy of the front page of your old passport (I’d say bring both, except that they may not return your old passport when you ask for a new one). If you don’t have a photocopy (since the last one was lost), be sure to make a photocopy of your new one for future use. In any case, definitely contact CFAI in writing about this (follow up with a phone call, but you want to document that you contacted them well in advance of exam day).

I believe I saw a form you were supposed to fill in, to make the changes with CFA Institute, very similar to a change of address. I’m not sure (haven’t looked it up now). I registered last year so didn’t provide a passport number, I wonder if I have to provide one now (using that form of theirs)? Anybody?

Why don’t you just call the CFAI and ask them?

Good idea although I’d rather send an e-mail.

Don’t get turned away on exam day because your identification does not meet our requirements. Hear about these important requirements by clicking on the video at

If you have questions about the international travel passport requirement, the information you entered into your CFA Institute record, or how your information will be reviewed on exam day please contact CFA Institute directly.

Here’s how to contact us:

Thank you,

CFA Institute

Big brother appears again!


After reading all the responses above which does not explicitly answers your query I would like to give you the following info for action at the earliest due to the deadline specified below:

You have to fill an “Identification Information Change Request” form. The form is available at available at

Print this form and complete all sections. Submit the completed form and supporting documentation by e-mail to You will receive confirmation by e-mail in 7-10 business days.

For you the STEP 2 has the necessary column regarding Pasport No. change: :

Step 2 Update the data that you would like to change. Please place a tick in the “No Change” column if the current information is correct.


Prefix or Suffix

First (given) Name

Middle Name or Initial

Last Name (family or surname)

Passport (No. /Expiry Date / Issuance Country)

Date of Birth (month/day/year)


_ Also note that to change your name and/or your passport data, you must submit a copy of your current passport. _

The CFAI note on the form states :

Candidates: On exam day, the name, date of birth, passport number, expiration date, and country of issuance on your passport must match exactly the information you provided to CFA Institute. Due to administrative processing time, Identification Information Change Request Forms must be submitted by the deadline listed below. We cannot guarantee your record will be updated if your change is submitted after the deadline.

Deadline for CFA Candidates: This form must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the exam date.

Hope this answers your query completely and unambiguously.