Change Test Location Glitch?

“This message has been deleted”

I was not able to view the result when I found and clicked the link to Change My Test Center. However, I did have the ability to apply for the 2016 access scholarship. Is this happening with everybody or just people who potentially did not pass?

same here, and when I click the results link, it kicks me out to the results page on the main site and shows me a pop up window with an error message at the same time…

Try selecting Greenland. If there’s no test center option you passed!

I even tried to find on a test centers locator if there is any center located in Ghana and appeared that there was not, but afterwards I successfully changed my test center location to Ghana-Accra for my June 6, 2015 exam. Then I logged out and logged in and the change was kept by the ssytem. Isn’t is strange? Someone can try this and comment whether he is possible to do such kind of thing???

Don’t want to say you’re screwed.

Probably, I am. Have you tried to this Gotham? I am sure that you passed. If you can not change your test center then it will prove my theory, don’t you think so?

No it doesn’t mean anything! Maybe that was an issue with the website that they already fixed it.