Changing colour of pen when writing morning essay


just wondering if anyone has similar cases where a person ends up with very low mark (~0%) for morning essay because he or she used more than 1 colour of pen when writing.

Meanwhile there is 1 person I know that failed because of that, she specifically checked with the CFA institute and what she has transcribed to me based on the email conversation is her results are not valid given she has switched between blue and black pens for some questions.

there is another person that had the similarly low results, coincidently she changed colour of pens by switching between pen and pencils on the exam day.

Not sure using more than 1 colour of pens is an issue which would make you end up with a 0 mark ? Have you heard anything similar to that ? Thanks !

I used the blue pen to complete the essay session but with a couple of circles by 2B pencil.

I scored 90th in AM and passed Lv3 this year.

Doens’t make sense, why would they give you zero for changing the colour!!

Went pencil for the entire exam, but stayed consistent with it. Was a little worried they may mark me down a but for that but I passed so it doesn’t matter if they did.

Yeah, I believe some of the graders on this forum have attested that you can even write the AM with different color crayons if you so wish, it won’t affect your score as long at it is readable.