Chapel Hill Shooting

Cliff Notes : Muslims are mad because instead of calling it what it is - a hate crime commtted by a White American on a Muslim based simply on their faith , media attempts to divert it as a ‘parking’ disagreement at first and allegedly attempts to sweep it under the rug.

“A family of three young Muslims has been shot dead in their home in a quiet neighbourhood of North Carolina in the US.”

They labled the three people by their religion. Clearly they’re trying to make it sound like a hate crime which the media knows will get feathers ruffled and drive ad revenue, opposed to what you’re suggesting of some some sort of “cover up”.

I think the idea of killing someone over a parking spot is equally absurd as killing someone as a hate crime. No matter the cause, this guy is a flipping loonie.

I think there’s a distinction from randomly targeting a group of people and shooting them based on their skin colour, vs being in a row with some people you know who happen to be of a particular skin colour, and killing them because of a disagreement.

Both are wrong, one can be clearly be called a hate crime, the other is a little less clear.

This man is clearly deranged, and should face the fullest extent of the law. Rest in peace to the victims.

I’m close friends with a Muslim female who just attended a wedding for the family of those killed. And the Muslim community is outraged by what they percieve a double standard. I think part of the problem is these three were activists which were very involved in various things and not just random Muslims. It is causing some tension with foreign allies as well, who too think we are acting like a double standard. I certainly can understand their point of view, but I also know if the media treated this like anything else their consumers wouldn’t respond the same way. Tough situation to be in