Chapman Capital - Legit?? Their website looks like a friggin advertisement for a video game. Anyway, I contacted them just to see what comes out and after reviewing my resume, they had me write somewhat of a personal statement. OK, I wrote some really activist type of response where I was saying I was gung ho for overthrowing managements and stuff. Then today they send me another e-mail requesting me to call a number for an interview. Well… I suppose I’ll call. It won’t hurt right? Does anyone have anything to say about this company? They seem really nutty and I’m wondering if they are legit. The news on the net doesn’t seem exactly like the company I’d want to work for.

farley013 recommends the following: “Topher posted a thread on AF General Discussion about interviewing at Chapman Capital. Someone go over there and tell him to stay the f*ck away from that place. Tell him that advice is coming from someone who knows Chapman well.” knowing little about this firm, i would still follow farley’s advice

ok thanks numi. do you know farley in person? when did he say this? and the PM on the right looks like smokin… i liked that company, very chillaxed…

website looks weak

Stay away from Chap Cap. Chapman ran money until the end of '03 - where he decided that he wanted to go trekking around the world. Fast fwd 3 years and Chap Cap was up and running again. Flat for '06 -23.7% '07 Don’t have an '08 figure because they stopped reporting The firm is going down

A value oriented advisor that IS the catalyst… LOL!

Ha, I love farely. We need to get him back. His knowledge bank and banter were such an asset to AF.

The main guy there is by many accounts a lunatic. Activist fund whose main strategy is to write nasty letters and pray. Losing 23.7% in a year should never, ever happen. Stay way, way away.

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > website looks weak Don’t go by websites… our firm (sell-side) goes to great lengths to update our website as little as possible for the exact reasons that if you don’t know us, you won’t learn about us. We don’t want people randomly sending resumes etc. Unless it legally needs to be posted on the web, it just detracts the value we add for paying clients. I know some great buy side firms that don’t have a website at all… just keep it in mind

Hedge funds keep their websites bare bones because they don’t want – and can’t solicit – investments from the general public.

Is that guy on the main page of the website smoking? Hilarious.

this guy is a complete a**. He writes ridiculously scathing, yet sometimes hilarious letters to management and attaching them to 13D filings - you can find some floating around on the web and on

He was advertising on craigslist for a letter writer a few months ago.

Trust me, stay far away from that *sshole. I made it through the letter writing process and they asked for an interview but I told them to forget it. The most unprofessional people I’ve ever come across. When chap quit to go on vacation around the world he fired everyone. Based on his strategy I wouldnt be surprised if his fund was down big again in '08 since activism really only works in bull markets (ask Pirate Capital). He could shut his shop down at any time and you would be on the street. If you don’t have a job then you have nothing to lose. If you have a good job do not leave for this. The arrogance at the firm is shocking.