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Anyone familiar with these guys? Thoughts? Cheers, RG

They spam craigslist with some serious attitude. I would stay the hell away. Hedge Fund Research Associate -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: Date: 2007-09-10, 8:21AM PDT Please see Application Protocol at bottom of this posting to ensure fair consideration of your application. Due to growth initiatives, Chapman Capital has openings year-round for qualified candidates at all levels within research, trading and administration. For this reason, Chapman Capital’s Craigslist advertisement remains actively posted at all times. Applications will be treated with the utmost discretion. ============= BACKGROUND ============= Founded in 1996, Chapman Capital served as investment advisor to Chap-Cap Partners, L.P. (Delaware) from 1996-2003 and was made famous by Schedule 13D filings on 17 publicly traded companies (15 of them hostile campaigns), in addition to agitating successfully for corporate change in numerous others (see On January 1, 2006, Chapman Capital re-launched its operations in Los Angeles, California following Mr. Chapman’s sabbatical covering 49 countries over a year-long period. Beginning April 1, 2006, Chap-Cap Partners II and Chap-Cap Activist Partners onshore (Delaware) and offshore (Cayman Islands) funds were launched with starting capital exceeding US$300 million, again focusing on takeover and turnaround special situation investing, as well as short selling and other hedging techniques. ========= LOCATION ========= El Segundo, CA (in between South Bay communities of Manhattan Beach/Hermosa Beach/Redondo Beach and LAX) ========= BENEFITS ========= * Top tier salaries and scheduled merit-based progress reviews. * Bonus potential exceeding 100% of salaries based on funds’ incentive allocation program. * Personal benefits including medical, meals, and more. * 20 Days Paid Time Off utilizing 3-4 day weekends. * Targeted 3:00 p.m. PST end of business day, allowing for after-work personal activities during daylight hours (especially during the summer). * Beach Proximity with office location five minutes east of the Pacific Ocean. * Working as a part of a critically acclaimed investment company fighting for Fortune 1000 shareholders’ rights. ======================== CAREER TRACK POSITIONS ======================== Hedge Fund Investment Advisor (; Login: defcon1; PW: defcon1) seeks highly motivated, Type-A employees for both full time and internship positions in research/analysis, equity/option/debt trading, accounting, and programming/website design. Both entry level (recent college graduate) and experienced (with another hedge fund or investment banking firm) positions are available. Compensation level is competitive both in salary and incentive bonus. Hours can be exceptionally long and intense, with some requiring 5:00 a.m. PST (8:00 a.m. EST/Wall Street) starting times, though the work day can conclude at 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. PST, allowing for opportunity to enjoy S. California afternoons. ================= JOB DESCRIPTIONS ================= Executive Assistant: work with senior members of research and trading in all aspects of professional and out-of-office activities. Office related responsibilities include (but are not limited to) business analysis/processing (Microsoft Office expertise a plus), and administrative responsibilities (e.g., travel/scheduling, pre-interviewing, screening, office assistance). Compensation level up to $75,000 plus bonus. The pay is high due to the excellence required for the job. Hedge Fund Research Assistant: manage the office of the Research Associates, being responsible for anticipating and managing their administrative, organizational and logistical needs. The R.A. will handle phone calls, correspondences, scheduling, faxes, files, travel arrangements, research preparation, data entry, database management, organizational and special projects, working together with other administrative staff to coordinate workflow and function as a team, ensuring the highest degree of professionalism. Candidates must be experienced and polished, dependable and highly organized with business maturity, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude. Applicants must be able to perform effectively in a fast-paced environment recognizing the importance of teamwork and providing professional services. The ideal candidate is an exceptional performer with strong communication, supervisory, administrative, and organizational skills. This is an excellent opportunity for a talented and motivated performer who has an interest in the finance industry and is looking to join a growing, successful company. Qualifications include minimum two years of administrative experience (Investment or Professional Services industry experience preferred); strong PC skills with excellent knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint; experience with Bloomberg, Factset, CapitalIQ, and Thomson One/FirstCall; superior application of judgment, initiative and discretion; professional, polished, hard working and energetic approach to thriving in a fast-paced atmosphere; superb organizational skills with attention to detail and an ability to multitask; aptitude of working under tight deadlines is critical; and excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. Compensation level up to $60,000 plus bonus. Hedge Fund Research Analyst/Associate: conduct primary (original) research while assimilating sellside/Wall Street analysis into a cogent report for Portfolio Manager(s). Analysis shall be both qualitative/investigatory and quantitative/spreadsheet driven. Analysts are responsible for evaluating multiple investment opportunities within various industries (e.g., retailers, consumer products, tech/media/telco, financial services, healthcare, energy). Activities include performing due diligence, gathering market intelligence, creating financial/forecasting models, performing channel checks, and creating written reports). Qualifications include the following: familiarity with accounting principles; understanding of capital asset pricing models & Sharpe-ratio optimization; advanced Bloomberg experience; excellent financial modeling skills; minimum two years superior performance as an Equities Analyst (M&A preferred over corporate finance; sellside equities research analysts also preferred) at a top investment bank, private equity/LBO firm, asset management firm (hedge fund advisor preferred over mutual/long-only fund, particularly a shareholder activist hedge fund). CFA’s preferred over MBA’s. Compensation level is ultra-competitive. Hedge Fund Attorney/General Counsel: review and prepare legal documents relating to general business contracts (e.g., counterparty agreements), investment advisory compliance (i.e., Investment Advisors Act of 1940) or activist hedge fund campaigns (e.g., Schedule 13D filings). Prepare, oversee and potentially directly handle litigation. Compensation level is ultra-competitive. Hedge Fund Trader: enter, monitor, manage & optimize orders in listed and over-the-counter individual equities/stocks, equity/stock options and fixed income securities, utilizing both human-to-human negotiations and ECNs (e.g., Archipelago, Instinet). Identify news or price-driven trading opportunities. Qualifications for options trader include a) near-innate understanding of the Greeks (i.e., delta, theta, vega and especially gamma), b) attendant risks within various options strategies and combinations, c) execution and valuation of spreads (e.g., vertical/bull and bear, horizontal/calendar, diagonal, butterfly, and condor), momentum (i.e., volume and price analysis), and d) technical analysis (e.g., retracements, consolidations, triangles/pennants, and breakouts). Compensation level is ultra-competitive. Activist 13D Letter Writer/Editor: write original and edit/proofread activist 13D correspondences from Chapman Capital to Fortune 1000 CEOs and Boards of Directors. Writers/editors must have articulate and witty approach to written communication. Compensation level is ultra-competitive. Hedge Fund Private Investigator: conduct both clandestine and covert intelligence operations to track movements of public company executives (e.g., Enron types) to gain deep intel of how their behavior and actions may be affecting the company’s Wall Street performance. Qualifications include any applicable state license(s) to conduct electronic/manned surveillance, resume of successful case records, and comfort with rigorous travel itineraries. Compensation level is ultra-competitive. Hedge Fund CFO/Senior Accountant: post both general ledger and partnership accounting journal entries en route to creating financial statements on a monthly basis. Calculate and track daily & monthly P&L and performance attribution factors. Compensation level is ultra-competitive. Hedge Fund Software Programmer and/or Network Administrator: write programs for both database and data screening functions. Qualifications include strong background in statistics & related software (e.g., Matlab, SAS), and proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Excel macro (VBA) programming. Compensation level is ultra-competitive. Flash Web Expert: program Macromedia Flash (8 preferred), php, aspx, css, xml and html web pages, making frequent modifications to account for changes in our activist investment program. Excellent graphic design/layout skills a major plus. Seeking candidates with 1-3+ years experience in Macromedia Flash Development with AS2 OOP, publishing Flash 6, 7, 8. Applicants must be able to exhibit past Flash programming work, at or higher than the quality level of our existing Flash website, done for other clients/employers (this is not a “learn-on-the-job opportunity”). All claims to past Flash website work must be confirmed in writing by applicant’s references thereto. Compensation level is ultra-competitive. ============== REQUIREMENTS ============== Verifiable expertise in the respective fields of analysis/trading/accounting/programming (i.e., we prefer that you are perfecting a skill while part of our team vs. developing it from scratch). Extraordinary computer skills, fundamentally beginning with Microsoft Office, are a requisite to success. Record of academic excellence at Ivy League (e.g., Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn/Wharton) or other highly rated universities (e.g., Stanford, University of California, Berkeley) is preferred; please include GPA (3.5 minimum) and SAT scores (1400 minimum) in your application. Certifications (e.g., CFA, JD/CA Bar, CPA, Microsoft/Cisco) also are viewed favorably. =============== STARTING DATES =============== Positions are open for immediate commencement. =============================== REFERRAL FEES/SIGNING BONUSES =============================== Chapman Capital pays referral fees of up to $25,000 to sources of referrals of all successful applicants. Applicants who are hired directly by our firm, without the intervention of an executive recruiter/headhunter/referral party, shall receive deferred signing bonuses vs. such sums being paid to an introducing entity/individual. Please ensure that parties you refer include your name as the referral source in his/her original application (i.e., referral claims that are made subsequent to our receipt of the original application shall not be considered). ====================== APPLICATION PROTOCOL ====================== Thank you for your application; we appreciate your not calling our offices unless asked to do so. Instead, please E-mail resumes, along with cover letters (attached as separate files or in body of E-mail), to the Office Manager at Subject line must utilize the following precise syntax or application may be rejected automatically by our server: “Craigslist Application for [Position] by [Surname]”, where [Position] shall be replaced by one of “Executive Assistant”, “Research Assistant”, “Research Associate/Analyst”, “Attorney”, “Trader”, “13D Letter Writer/Editor”, “Private Investigator”, “Accountant”, “Software Programmer”, or “Flash Web Expert”, and [Surname] by applicant’s last name.

>Hedge Fund Private Investigator: conduct both clandestine and covert intelligence >operations to track movements of public company executives (e.g., Enron types) to gain >deep intel of how their behavior and actions may be affecting the company’s Wall Street >performance. Qualifications include any applicable state license(s) to conduct >electronic/manned surveillance, resume of successful case records, and comfort with >rigorous travel itineraries. Compensation level is ultra-competitive. Sign me up.

i_suck Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > >Hedge Fund Private Investigator: conduct both > clandestine and covert intelligence > >operations to track movements of public company > executives (e.g., Enron types) to gain > >deep intel of how their behavior and actions may > be affecting the company’s Wall Street > >performance. Qualifications include any > applicable state license(s) to conduct > >electronic/manned surveillance, resume of > successful case records, and comfort with > >rigorous travel itineraries. Compensation level > is ultra-competitive. > > > Sign me up. Wonder if CFAI would consider this qualifying experience :slight_smile: baller.

lol…ryguy, if you want info, try googling them. you’ll be amused by what you find

Senior Analyst: Bud Fox “He’s buying Anacott Steel!”

chapman is very well known for his outstanding 13d letters. He and Dan Loeb regularly compete for creative writing honors. He is absolutely bat shit insane but a pretty nice guy. A guy on the trading desk is close with him.

Very familiar. One of the few hedge fund managers I’ve ever talked to that made me want to shat my pants. He is a complete maniac, I would say if you worked for him you would either learn a lot or slit your own throat within a week. His fund has had poor returns since they launched last year and are facing a lot of redemptions from investors, my firm included.