chapters 15 and 16

First, i have to say I really enjoy the level three curriculum. In total, I’ve gone through the curriculum twice, once with the CFAI books and once with the schweser material. I’ve been successful in internalizing the curriculum, by which I mean I have a pretty good working knowledge and a strong degree of comfort in discussing all aspects of the level 3 curriculum. Except chapters 15 and 16 on taxation. For some reason I’m having a degree of difficulty internalizing taxation issues. This is probably due to my lack of interest on tax issues. I just spent the last 2.5 hours reviewing the schweser material on chapter 15, and tomorrow I’m going to do the CFAI material on 15. Then repeat for chapter 16. Has anyone else found this to be the least interesting portion of the level 3 curriculum? -=RB=-

I actually think Corp Governance takes the cake for being least interesting. Taxes on the other hand are fun :slight_smile: