chapters with no summary/questions?

i meant to ask about this, and i wasn’t sure if i asked this before and got no responses i remember being surprised in the CFA2 readings that quite a reasonable number of chapters (readings) had no questions at the end, and a few had no summary (doing this from memory). does anyone know if we got asked about them on the exam? significantly under-represented?? … stock option compensation is one that springs to mind (and it was the one chapter with unnecessary nittiness, but there were a bunch. thanks in advance!!!

As I remember, no questions were asked from the chapters which didn’t have any summary or review question. I read a lot of chapters on Hedge Fund but of no avail in examination. This time I will focusing purely on the chapters having review questions.

Read and know it. It will be on the exams. Im taking l3 this june and at both l1 and l2 i had surprises of this kind. DONT TAKE THOSE LIGHTLY

summary or no summary is irrelevant, as long as it’s covered by the LOS it’s fair game on the exam