Charlie Rose

Another one bites the dust… any takers on who’s next? And why no major news media cover the Bill Clinton allegations?

i was sooo surpriesd. esp with the allegations of what he did exact. he seemed so proper interviewing bsds

it’s all just a series of coincidences. if you drop a million pennies on the floor, there will be clusters of a couple thousand in a few areas. nothing to see here.

I read his response as, perhaps i made mistakes but i didnt commit sexual harassment. I look to longtime friend, and black woman, Gayle King, to help out.

God damn, charlie rose. I need someone to listen to while I work out. Hes one of my go to guys. What am I gonna do now. Liked him a lot, RIP ggwp

Podcasts give lots of options these days.

i mean i just watched it when he talks to investment professionals. like ackman, buffett or bezos. you watch his typical interviews? i get bored when its any other topic

The politics ones, I find interesting as well. But the entertainment ones are kinda meh.

Shouldn’t we just assume everyone in entertainment molested everyone else?

yeah bros. let’s listen to Charlie rose while we work out

Charlie Rose got hoes in diff area codes

Hahahahahaha great reference. When I read the post article there was a part when they referred to the assistants as Charlie’s angels!

We should just assume every male has sexually assaulted people until proven otherwise.

I can tell that this topic is going to engender a reasonable, dispassionate discussion.