Charlotte NC.

Anyone going to be studying in Charlotte, NC For Level II in 2009?

Hey WElewis, I am in Charlotte…

amazing green city…downtown is the coolest place i wish i were there.

Will find out in 9 days, but I believe I will be a repeat Level 2 candidate. I’m in uptown CLT.

same here…uptown charlotte. Awaiting results for Level II, hopefully I can give you pointers while I am studying for III.

rekooh, would you email me? I will be studying for L3 too, and no one else around here seems to have passed L2 this year so I am without someone to study with. Thanks!

If anyone is interested in taking live stalla classes in charlotte for level 2 let me know. I spoke with the people today at stalla and they said if I could get about 10 people they would offer it. i took the live classes last time and its the same price at getting the dvds. At the live classes they really just show the DVDs but I think it really helped me keep a good study schedule. If anyone is interested send me an email at

Hey WElewis, Do you feel that the Stalla classes are woth the $$$??? Also, what is the price of the Stalla classes? I used Schweser and CFAI for Level 1, which seemed to work out rather well. But, I guess I can be convinced to use Stalla for Level 2…

BTW, are you guys/gals from WB, BAC, or another company??? Just curious… I am from WB.

Its expensive, but I passed so i guess its worth it. The live classes are kind of stupid but its the same price as the self study classes and the give you all the material for the self study, so the live part is just kind of a bonus. I think the class helped keep me on a schedule though.