Charter dimensions

Does anyone happen to know what the framing dimensions are for the charter certificate? Thanks

Measure your charter certificate, then you will know.

I think it’s something like 22X26 inches or so. It’s a big sucker that’s for sure. Willy


17 x 22. I measured mine last night. I talked to the guy at a frame shop and he said it would cost about $250 to frame it (in NYC). Seemed a bit pricey, so I’m still shopping around. If anyone knows of where to get a decent frame for the charter in NYC area let me know.

No that’s the going rate. I spent about $240 on mine in 2005. You want that thing to look good especially if you’ve got clients so don’t go getting in framed for thirty bucks in Chinatown. Willy

I got mine a couple weeks ago from and am happy with it. I found a 20% off coupon on google so the total cost with shipping and handling was $150.


just my thoughts - its too darn big!!! and here’s why i think so - if a columbia MBA degree is dwarfed by the CFA charter frame, then i’m making sure that both are not on the same wall!!

What’s with how big the charter is. Mine is huge. Are they compensating for starting with the smaller part of the alphabet?