Charter of Financial analyst ?

I came accross this title in linkedin, charter of financial analyst. What is this actually? Not CFA right?

She is seriously confused!! ‘‘charter of financial analyst’’ …how could she??

I also noted one other instance where she has mentioned another qualifcation wrongly.

ACCA= Association of Chartered Certified Accountants rather than Assoctaion of Certified Chartered Accountants (what she’s saying).

I dont think she is a CFA chartered holder, but she has something similiar to CFA. Because if you click to that title, you would see a list of other members who obtain such designation also."Charter%20of%20Financial%20Analysts"&pt.schn="Charter%20of%20Financial%20Analysts"&pt.psess=""&pt.psest=1900&pt.psese=""&pt.psee=2019&pt.pseg=2019&pt.yst="a"&pt.psf=["job-function"%2C"current-company"%2C"location"]&pt.pss=0&

That’s why Im wondering what type of designation it is. It sounds very confusing and misleading to CFA, right?

And is this a violation of Code of standards? I google for the title but find out no school offer such program.

If she is not a CFA institute member or student, it doesnt matter what she puts. So definitely not a violation, but why would somebody put this title - hopefully the person knows the answer to this :slight_smile:

She’d surprised by the spike in profile visits for sure

Haha true!

I just sent her connect request in LinkedIn.

The reason I came accross her profile is i was looking for ppl working in IFC, to see what kind of jobs available there. Do you guys know anyone working in IFC? Is it pretty much like a fund management firm?

P/S: I dont know her, but there are a few points in her resume make me wonder bout the creditability. (Shouldnot be that careless and misleading).

CFA Institute should go after whoever is using this designation. They seem to use CFA but we are told that CFA is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. If CFAI does not do anything, it would lead to more non-CFA people using ‘CFA’ designation causing mass confusion and devaluing the charter.

I think there was something in India that was also had CFA letters as their designation, I recall CFAI sued them or something

CFAI is presently busy marking our exams.

Any employer who will confuse the real CFA with the fake one probably doesn’t care if you have are a CFA charterholder or not.

Reminds me of the wealth management industry where people would put

Cert.FP, instead of CFP, as though that will convince anyone. Cert.FP stands for a financial planner that is certified, which is hilarious because there are no uncertified financial planners.

Not necessary, some employers may not care bout the value of CFA that much, but somehow they know it’s pretty in high demand out there and has some value. Therefore they might mis-judge the candidate with such misleading title.

Would you want to work for such an employer? One which cannot tell the difference?