Charter presentation events?

I passed L3 and received an email from CFAI where I have been asked whether I would like my charter to be sent to the local society (UK in my case), which is planning an event to present charters to the new local charterholders. Any experiences on these presentantion events? are they worth attending? cheers

Call your local society.

it would be like calling a restaurant and ask them if their food is good… :slight_smile: I am asking only to have a third party opinion cheers

Do you like the feeling of graduation in college? If yes, then go :slight_smile: Bring mommy and daddy too :slight_smile:

I called my local CFA society to find out when they will be hosting the event, plus, I think such event can be a good opportunity to network.

They’ll take a photo and it might show up in the CFAI magazine, something to show your friends and family!

OK I am in! At the end of the day we deserve a proper award