Charter Presentation

While I’m wasting away, waiting for the infamous letter, thought I’d try and get another question answered: If my local society has a charter awarding ceremony, does CFAI send the charter directly to my society? Or is it like high school, when you accept some random piece of paper, but the real diploma is back beind the building so they can make sure you don’t run across the field naked.

I say you run naked to teach CFAI a thing or two about the vigorous advocation of transparency.

I think it gets sent to them. I got an invite from the BSAS: “The Boston Security Analysts Society, Inc. will be hosting a Recognition Reception & CFA Charter Ceremony in November. If you have met the Regular Membership Requirements and are awarded the CFA® charter, we would be honored to present it at our ceremony. To confirm your consent, please complete the following information. (check box) If awarded the CFA charter, I would like to have it presented at The Boston Security Analysts Society Recognition Reception & CFA Charter Ceremony. Please provide your response by return email by 5:00 PM September 20th. If we do not hear from you, your charter will be sent to your preferred address when it is awarded.” That last sentence is where the answer lies. I’m curious if there will be that much of a difference between the time it gets mailed and the actual ceremony. I’ve always played it through in my head that I’d go back to the house I grew up in, and it’s waiting for me there (mail gets lost at my apartment), but now this ceremony shindig would throw a wrinkle into that. But, I also want to take part in the ceremony. I’m going to call the BSAS and see if there’s a way to have my cake and eat it too…