Charterholder Access to New Curriculum

I just passed Level 3 this year after a long journey and was curious about access to future curriculum. Will ‘regular members’ have to pay for access to ebooks? Just curious…

Yes, you have to pay for access to future curriculum, i.e. 2019 and onwards but it’s at a discounted price, USD 150.

Having said that, if you are a regular member just look under Refresher Readings, the updated readings from the curriculum can be obtained there.

Why do you (or anybody) want to have access to future curriculum once you become a charterholder?

Mostly to stay on top of whatever the curriculum would focus on going forward. I had seen articles about crypto and AI being in 2019 and wanted to read up on what future candidates will be tested on. Looks like most of it is available in the CE section of the membership site.

I’ve also seen job posts for Varsity Tutors and didn’t know if interested teachers would need to gain their own access to the curriculum or if VT would provide it.

I have explored some teaching post (as a side gig to keep my mind sharp), most places will provide you the curriculum.

Approved prep providers will be given access to the curriculum. If the provider is not an approved one, they will have to purchase it via other channels.