Hi guys would appreciate if you can help me. What is considered the date at which you became a CFA Charterholder? Anyway you can see that info by logging in to the cfa website?


Isn’t the date printed on the charter?

its the day you log into your account and it says CFA after your name…

Johnny, my charter says it was printed in Virgina Sept 2010 but I only got my work approved in 2011. I might have some partial work approved in 2010

That’s interesting. Mine says September 1st, 2011, which isn’t exact, but close enough. I have the original email and letter from the CFA dated September 19th. If you don’t have those I don’t know how you tell the actual day you received the designation. Have you called them?

Go with what it says on the charter. If you get called on it, simply state that the CFA mislead you.

…or send a photograph of your Charter with the date.