Chasing your ambition

How do peeps,

I’m keen to get insight into your experience chasing your original ambitions;

Are you where you originally intended to be?
Did you settle?
Are you still in pursuit of your career ambitions?
Is the relentless pursuit of a career as a ‘financial baller’ not all its cracked up to be?
Are you happy with your career decisions?

Let’s hear it :call_me_hand:

initial ambition was to retire with a mil at 36. go to a third world country and party until i get someone preggers and make a fam.
now im abotu to get married. going for an mba. and will prolly work at until im 55?
future ambition is to network and hopefully i entrepreneur it and work for myself.
am i happy with my decisions? im a little worried tbh. divorce? workload? looking for another job. first option was much simpler.

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I wouldn’t worry about it. The power of compounding will smooth over everything in the long run, amiright Nerdy?!?

I like it, actually more exciting than my original plan of having a lambo by 30.
Still in pursuit ofc only now I’m 33, married, just had our first kid and know that when I can eventually afford one I’ll probably keep it for a year or two before I get bored of its realities.
Enjoy the MBA, hoping for an entrepreneurial framework? It’s got to be the best way to make it right? I see these guys at the top, while they’ve got my kudos they just don’t look that excited about life. Like it was all anticlimactic :thinking:
Mind me asking what area of this industry you’ve managed to land in? Cheers for your 6¢

consulting out of college. switched to investment research for charter. now im doing mba to go tech. prolly. i dont really know tbh.
as for mba yielding results. im just hoping for median comp. At a minimum i can say im a trojan man.
u serious about the lambo? lol

Nice one. Tech has so much appeal, I do laugh when I hear about tech folk wanting to get into finance. Grass is always greener. Applied for a start up gig recently applying AI to investment strategy, first interview went well :crossed_fingers:Been listening to a pod cast about AI since and it’s application touches every industry. See Morningstar have just 10x their analyst research coverage using deep learning. AI is now data driven rather than algo driven so much wider application. Still sounds like early days in the space even though the tech has been there for quite some time.
Problem with the lambo is actually the roads in Scotland they’re terrible. I’d cry every time I hit a pothole rather than swear. Only really want one because I got told I’d never have one :grin: Will be a better judge of the reality is when I get there :sunglasses:

yep times are a changing. ppl look at tech now as the place to be. work life balance definitely better! i think i want to low key work at a vc. it goes against my philosophy. but ive always wondered how the thought process of picking companies goes. seems liek a gamble everytime since pickign winners is only a 10% chance. lol

It does right, Day at the office

I believe the largest inefficient market in finance is VC. If I wanted to earn economic rents, that’s where I’d go