Chat rooms for CFA Level II

Are there any chat rooms for Level II…I am very much interested into joining those for discussions…Plz help!!!

I don’t think I should even comment to this post…wow… that is, unless you meant a REAL-TIME chat room… Nonetheless, this forum is very helpful and typically good questions are answered rather quickly. I haven’t started studying level II, but for some odd reason I enjoy coming to this site haha

What the h*ll else would he be talking about besides a real time chat room??? We’re obviously all posting on a bulletin board any way. Please do us all a favor form here on out and attempt to pull your head from your rectal cavity before leaving anymore of your lame posts mfin.

I think Andrew has gone off the deep end. Calm down buddy. This is just a place to try to help one another.

Andrew3032 and CFA-101 are lovers. Emotions are bound to run high in defending each other from preditors like MFIN. MFIN, you are on the list now, so be good from now onwards.

It is true, I most likely have gone off a cliff, and am gleefully hang gliding across the valley. I honestly just couldn’t help myself though. I suspect Mfin was attempting to act smarter than he really is, and took a cheap shot at a guy who appears to know english as a second language. I had the sudden urge to lash out verbally. I must admit it felt nice. I’m not sorry at all, I’m unrepentent and I may do it again. Bwa-ha ha ha

Thanks Andrew and Hoo Yah…i did not mind at all what MFIN wrote…well where are you guys up to in Level II…what topics you guys covered?

haha okay guys… hide my comments if you really think the comment was so rude? I just don’t see how AF isn’t all you need for CFA study help?? People answer very quickly, and there you can use the search engine within the site for any related questions you have… Everything you need to do is found in the textbooks… and for the small things that you need further explanations, this forum is always helpful… You guys are already really stressed about over level II apparently… take it easy… it’s only September

Behaving like a jacka** aside, I really would be careful about leaning on anything other than cfai too heavily. So mfin may have a point here (albeit only a teeny one); AF is useful here and there to fill in the gaps and bounce questions off of people --I would always cross reference it with CFAI texts though.

I havent heard of a “chat room” since about 1997. Whoah!

hahaha andrew3032 and mfin, you guys made my day. hilarious. keep up the love-hate banter