Chat with Uber driver

So according to an Uber driver friend, he says the average take-home savings for a driver is ~$1300 a week after all expenses (gas, paying uber etc), and after taxes. That’s pretty dang good no? taking in cash of almost $68,000 a year that’s what… around a $100k for normal salary folks at a 33% tax rate.

Considering there is no education required, and you just need a car and a clean license. why don’t waiters all go and be drivers?

All I can think of is there’s no bonus and no health insurance.

plumber still better though.

Most waiters are women or feminine men and neither can drive.

My buddy’s wife puked out the window of an Uber car on Friday night. Good times…

Gotta say, the driver was really cool about it.

Because she did it OUT of the window!

Two reasons, among others:

  1. You don’t just need a car, you need a specific kind of car (I think it has to be 2011 model year or newer).

  2. If every waiter became an Uber driver, they wouldn’t make nearly as much money (supply and demand, ever heard of it)?

Uber’s policies say that drivers can fine you a $200 cleaning fee for such incidents. Maybe that’s why he was cool about it. $200 just to wash the outside of his car.

I don’t want to overexcite anyone, but it may be possible that Milton Friedman himself is a member of this forum.

I take it you’re an Uber driver trying to protect your livelihood. Were you the one with the really bad body odor?

If the driver gets into accident or gets a speeding ticket. All expenses would probably fall on him.

Also don’t forget the benefits of social interaction, which drivers almost don’t get…

The question is, does being a Uber driver give the flexbility to NYU honors graduates to pursue their artistic careers?

Loads of boorish wannabe-BSDs will proposition them, though.

Of course he’d never embellish, no never. He’s just like members of the AF Brothahood who are all raking in mid six figure salaries (except Greenie cause he’s a self admitted LOSER who makes less than $100k).

And since when is ~$70k good!? You’d be living in a dump of the Bronx with a bunch of roommates and rats.

It’s true. I can’t even afford my own hacksaw. Does anybody have one they can loan me?

And BTW, what is an Uber, and why would you drive one? (I have a feeling that whatever this is, there is more demand in NYC than in Midland.)

  1. $70k is good considering you can start immediately with 0 training, and those with cars who would consider being a driver are not living in the expensive areas of NYC to begin with

  2. my uber driver was chatting bec he’s in school part time studying finance, he’s part time Uber bec the money is good

WTH is Uber?

Wait, waiters get bonuses and health insurance??

what are his hours? if you have to work 12 pretty exhausting and not mentally stimulating hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, for $70k, it doesnt’ sound all that attractive.

let’s say a cab driver makes $15/hour, a figure i saw somewhere for NYC drivers, and he works 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year, he’d make $56,000. that’s before tax but without having to risk his car and have all the nasty stuff that goes down in NYC cabs go down in his car.

i can’t imagine its all that more lucrative than be a regular cab driver or all the cab drivers would buy a car at 0% financing and be an Uber driver instead of a medallion driver. i can only assume the driver in question is embellishing a little bit. i mean, if he’s exxeragating by a mere $100-$200/wk, that’s a heck of a lot less lucrative than the $1300/wk he stated.

some premium over normal cabbies is necessary as the payments to Uber are less than the payments to the car/medallion owner so until there is some over-the-top regulatory charge on Uber drivers, Uber drivers will make more than cab drivers for the same hours worked, in theory.

You’re forgetting when it’s busy times and ubers charge 2x to 3x normal prices. I think it’s def possible that they make those figures.

Side story, i was at a poker game last night where i paid this girl to massage me for an hour while playing and i ended up giving her 125. There were maybe 3-4 other guys who did the same (nothing sexual) and she probably got 5 dollars for every drink she brought to any of us. Moral of the story, there are plenty of other ways to make money.

Sounds high to me.

As an aside, I love their service.