Cheap and Best Mock test/Qbank-Suggest

Hey Analystforumites

Provide your suggestions for the december 2014 exam w.r.t. Cheap and Best Mock test/Qbank available in the market.Kindly provide your valuable suggestions.

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can somebody pls suggest…Hello seniors out there …Are u ppl alive???

If you’re asking for somebody to send you a pirated copy of a Qbank, you are on the wrong site.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Qbank, my advice is that the very inexpensive Qbanks are not the best Qbanks, and the best Qbanks are not the least expensive Qbanks.

+1. I’m pretty sure that breaking copyright laws is a violation of at least a few Standards.


One word, “Google”. Schweser is the Goliath of the prepatory materials industry. I have personally used their materials for both level 1 & 2 and I am quite satisfied by their products.

Elan is another prepatory service that has gained quite some reputation but they are horrible with their shipments, as I have seen a lot of candidates complaining about their shipping service on this forum.

Please excuse me for being naive but I would like to ask that whether there are any serious punishments for downloading illegal/pirated stuff in the Western World. Many Westerners straight off deny using any pirated stuff and even those who do it, don’t like to talk about it. And do people really (like “really”) get caught for these petty crimes (For example, downloading a movie through a torrent).

No, but punishment isn’t really the point.

In the western world, stealing things (including intellectual property) is generally seen as shameful.

This concept doesn’t seem to exist in Bangladesh / Sri Lanka / Vietnam / Pakistan / China / India / etc.

Thanks for clarifying.

Stealing is also seen as “Shameful” in the countries that you mentioned, but with high poverty and high exchange rate of $/local asian currency leave us with no other option.

This does not “Justify” stealing on any grounds but just wanted to share a perspective.

ya all those people in Bangladesh made Game of Thrones the most pirated show ever cheeky

Nowhere in his comment did he even hint that he wants a pirated copy. Why did you feel he was asking for a pirated version? If he wanted free, he would have said that he doesn’t want to pay anything.

So true Nowhere did i mention about pirated version…So there is a misinterpretation of what I said…Its alright it happens wendy…I agree with sidtaof…And sidtoaf I’d like to get guidance from you as u r also frm India and u have completed l-1 bro…so kindly guide me bro…If possible lets get connected on email or watsapp bro…

Riiiiight, i’m quite certain you know who invented p2p sharing.