Cheaper source of L2 videos

Does anybody know if possible where can I get second hand/ cheap videos (Schweser or Stalla) for L2 2008? Thanks S

You might try craigslist. I found this posting in New York. Reply to: Date: 2008-06-25, 1:58PM EDT 2008 Comprehensive Package containing Books , Practice Exams, Video and Audio materials for CFA Level 2 2008 June Exam Cost = $40( Instant Download Links )

did you try ebay? craigslist? there was a link on esnips to another free download website

papasita, can you direct me to Esnips for video of L2 2008. Thanks

I don’t know about L2, but know my friend found L1 there… Disc: it is “illigal” to download that stuff:) unless you are in China or Russia, and may be Sweden plus AF does not allow to post links, just google “esnips” and do search for whatever you need. In my opinion, it is too much hassle and can present a threat to you PC, just go with craigslist or ebay.

you never know if the info is legit either - do you want to take a chance on pirated material?

saurya_s, why do you need those videos right now? keep on reading if it still matters. It is kind of too late for this videos (after exam), and too early to get used, original materials from ebay or craigslist (results are not out yet, so people don’t sell yet). Plus, it could be that Schweser has time “protection” similar to that of on Qbank which requires connection to their website and expires after exam (I could be wrong here since I did not use Qbank myself)

I am doing an exercise and struggling with consolidating subsidiary. I got a chance to read that thingy in the L2 textbook in the library but it won’t just go into my head. So I was thinking a videos might help. S

my brain would resist too, if after I tried learn that after exam:)

I have a 2nd hand video for you for $60. Schweser Level 2 2008 version. email if you need it.