Cheapest Way to Take Level 1

Long story short I have Schweser 2012 Level 1 materials. Just the books and practice exams no online material. After doing alot of reading on here I think its just worth it to buy this years material.

Wheres the cheapest place to buy 2013 schweser and if so when do people usually start selling their stuff from the june exam?

End of July on Ebay. Dont think there many changes though. Just get the cfai material early on. Thats the cheapest.

didn’t buy any schweser notes. only CFAI material.

Avg you need 5 months or 300 Hours to complete the Curriculum. Best of Luck.

I don’t condone this. but there are usually ebay ripoffs of brand name study guides

I did only the curriculum for level 1. The big problem with it is that it takes a lot of time. I think it worked out well for me because I came fresh from an MBA program.

When the new material for a given year comes out, some testing services come up with comparisons of differences between one year and the next. You can find that if you search the web. That might help you if you want to save on getting old materials.

I don’t think the material changes THAT much from year to year so you are probably safe using study guides from 1 or 2 years ago, and usually if you join local chapters or if you go online (craigslist/ ebay, etc) there are people who are willing to give them away for free or for very little!

I think that’s the best way since it’s still the “legit” copy and it’s more environmentally friendly!

Use CFAI materials and study! When you study make summaries. If you must buy you can get Elan exams and 11th hour guide, they even package them together I think.