Check-in for May starters!

Hey folks, I just did first run-through of Schweser Quants, and started Econ. I’d like to crank through both (including questions tonight). Am super-motivated here!

Not trying to be mean here but you do realize that these types of comments are just annoying to the rest of us who have been working hard for months. My bet is most people want you to take the exam and fail if only to bring the avg score down.

My suggestion is to post specific questions but to cease posting on the two threads you have going about how you just started. Like I said, its just an irritant to those who have really put in the time over the last few months.

That’s absolutely irrational. There are all sorts of folks out here, with vastly different circumstances and study styles. What we have in common is a passion for finance and a desire to work very hard on this exam. There is no reason it should be an irritant to you if someone is starting later than you, why on earth would you want to boycott us?! In fact, we should make you feel better, since you’ve got such a huge head start on us, and we’re going to have to work ten times as hard to catch up to you.

I agree with darkeyes… Though I started in Feb. and have already put a lot of work into it but looking at ppl starting now really motivates me, thinking that if they can make it starting now… why can’t I ?

And bringing the average score down doesn’t help anyone.