check this movie out if you have netflix/bb online. about currency market. pretty cool

Name: Rollover. (Rollover term comes from the situation when a large institutional client rolls over huge sums of currency deposits like eurodollar deposits and doesnt withdraw it all at one time leading to liquidity crisis). I know you havent heard of it, i didnt either, just rented and watched it from blockbuster online dvd. Its got Arab owning huge deposits of USD, its got precarious currency markets, its got Jane Fonda. Pros: 1) movie was made in 1981, thats 27 years ago. and still so relevant and contextual. It was scary when the dialogues feel like they were said by someone yesterday and not 27 years ago. 2) If you like financial market movies, this is your thing. If Boiler Room gave us .com bubble/stock trading, Wall Street gave us insider trading, Rogue Trader gave us insight into futures market, this will do the same for currency markets. Cons: 1) 27 year old movie, looks dated. 2) parallel plotline takes away the excitement sometimes.

This movie has a lower IMDB rating than Robocop 2! Rollover: Robocop 2: I’ve added it to my queue, but my expectations are very very low.