Check your ID mail

Don’t know if all of the candidates have received an email to check your personal data before the exam date. It’s the classic invitation to check if there are any misspellings, prefixes to your name etc.

However, it is noted that the name must be exactly the same as in the passport, and that any minor differences between the account name and passport name will not be tolerated and candidates will be denied admission to exam. As I come from the country where letters have some diacritical marks in it, does that mean we have to change what we had in account so far (without the diacritic marks) or we can leave as it is. Up to date didn’ have any peoblems with it.

Thanks for the help!

My passport name and my account name have different order. I emailed CFAI and they said no problem. I think your case should be ok, but recommend to email CFAI, they are very responsive.

Hey, thanks for the reply. Will definitely send an email. Just wanted to have some general consensus on this ever recurring question!