checklist for exam day

6 Pencils sharpened, sharpener,eraser,calculator BAII plus pro,spare battery,passport and PAN card. salad for lunch,water bottle. ah yes cigarettes and a lighter. Erasers are also called rubber here in india and this can be hilarious.

gotta have the cigs, +1

You forgot the screwdriver to replace the battery.

dapoopa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You forgot the screwdriver to replace the battery. BA pro no need screwdrive wahahaha

I was fortunate to pick up another calculator off someone who didn’t need it this year so I will bring it as a backup to ease my mind… I will also bring 2 or 3 pencils and a pencil-sharpener - I never used mechanical pencils, and don’t plan on it…need my lucky sharpener

you are allowed to take more than one BA II Plus calculator. I did that for level 1. It spares you the hassle of a screwdriver accident. I just borrowed the second one from a friend.

Eat some hearty grains a day before so I can take a beautiful dump that morning. Dropping a nice deuce makes my day. Serious.

Don’t forget exam tickets! Last year I started to freak that somehow on the way i could spill something on it… I had like 5 of them printed and scattered through out the car just in case if one gets messed up, the others will be safe. I never realized… an exam… ANY exam can make someone this crazy.

+1 taking a good dump also id avoid drinking much water that morning. make sure u squeeze out every drop before u enter that room.

Can you take automatic pencils?

you can take automatic weapons, hah! i know , its not funny.

Well hopefully there will be no need to take my AK47 but can I take my Bic Auto 0.7mm Pencil?

For the pencil i would prefer the regular ones because it’s faster