Checklist prior to exam day

  1. Be calm, relaxed and confident!

  2. Bring an extra sweatshirt or jacket: the exam center might be cold and it’d be a bummer if all your studying went to waste because you were shivering and couldn’t focus on the exam.

  3. Eat brain foods the night before and morning of your exam. You should also try to avoid alcohol and sugary drinks the days leading up to your exam.

  4. Do a light workout or meditate the day before your exam – something to clear your mind.

  5. Drive to the testing center the day before your exam so you know if there’s any construction or confusing turns or parking restrictions, etc.

  6. If you wear contacts, pack your glasses just in case.

  7. Go over formulas and important notes.

  8. Pack everything you are going to need for the exam the night before instead of the morning of.

  9. Keep the big picture in mind.

  10. If you have not seen the below links, check them out!

Exam Day Policies:

Exam Day Checklist:

Exam Day Experience: